Sun acquires MySQL

This journal from on 16th January 2008 is a surprise for me. The title on my RSS reader makes me want to klick it and read more about it.

Actually i don't know how to react at that moment. I have a certain feeling that i can't described it. Well i just try to googled a little bit on that theme, and found the blog from Kaj Arnö the Vice President Open Source Community Relations for MySQL. He is trying to give some answers about this event and the impact to the MySQL users, community members, customers, partners, and employees.

The deal is worth about $1 billion USD and at the same day Oracle acquires BEA for $8,5 billion USD. Compare with BEA, MySQL ist very cheap. I think MySQL should be worth more than that, since it has more than $70 million or so in revenue.

Kaj Arnö writes:
Depending on one’s relationship to MySQL, the immediate reaction upon hearing the news may be a mixture of various feelings, including excitement, pride, disbelief and satisfaction, but also anxiety.

Well i do feel a mixed of "excitement, pride, disbelief, satisfaction, and anxiety", haha, because i don't really know what's the impact in that time. Actually i want to post this to phpug and id-php but its already late at the office and i really want to go home. I considering to post it the next day at the morning. But someone post it already ^^.

The discussion in the groups and at the office is almost the same. Will the MySQL do better in Solaris and Java in the future? Will the other OS and programming language (such as PHP ^^) be given less attention? How about the LAMP stack, will it be SAMJ(Solaris Apache MySQL Java) stack instead of LAMP stack in the future?

Espescially about LAMP Stack, Ryan Paul writing for Art Technica have a brief analyse to that matter.

What's makes me comfortable in the end, is that Kaj said
But I don’t expect that in any way to be at the cost of other popular operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac OS/X, other Unixes etc.) or development environments (PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, ODBC, C++, C#, VB etc.). MySQL grew with LAMP and MySQL without LAMP at its core is simply unimaginable. It was MySQLs part of LAMP that interested Sun in the first place.

Well thats damn true, never takes "My"-SQL away from my LAMP ^^. And in the mean time, maybe i should play with OpenSolaris a little bit, just in case ^^.


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