Zend PHP 5 Certified Engineer

Well, from today i am a proud Zend PHP 5 Certified Engineer. It was not easy though, even with the fact that i already worked with PHP for about 5 years ^^. But there was just some question i not familiar with, because i never use it in my daily work with PHP. Difference between PHP 4 and PHP 5 was asked but it is not so difficult to answer. But some of the PHP specific questions is really hard to answer, especially the questions related to stream functions ^^. The New Object Oriented Paradigm and Security issues was for me the easiest one.

I took the Exam in Frankfurt am Main, in a Training Center named Brand EDV Training located in Ostbahnhof area. Well from the outside looks not so promising, the building seems so old and dusty. But well Frankfurt is an old town actually, and this is not the downtown.

As i entered the office, it's looked more and more promising. ^^ Well the reception was very kind. He asked about my ID and asked me to sign some forms about Terms and Condition, Privacy Policy and something like that. He said, i'm not like an Indonesian, more like Chinese. I said, "how can you say that?". And he said, "because my MOTHER COME FROM INDONESIA." Huh? cool, well he looks like an Indonesian to me, but more like East Indonesian, maybe Maluku, Timor or somewhere around there. ^^ Definitely not from Java.

Well after some more chit chat, he brought me into some kind of a class room and prepare the exam for me. I had 90 minutes to finish the exam, and i was finish in about 45 minutes. I took a mock exam a week before, and can answer it in about 30 minutes, but the real exam is actually tougher than that.

Anyway this icon is just nice to put on my blog ^^. What about the ZCE title? Should i put that on my name to? along with the German Dipl. Inf.? Boah, it will be too much show off, will it not?


Bembeng Arifin said…
Congrats for the certification man ;)
Dendie Sanjaya said…
selamat ya...
kalau indonsia ada ngak ya yang bisa meyelengarakan test php5 zend sertifikatcro
Unknown said…
Terima kasih, ada kok mas, kalo di jakarta salah satunya di PT. Rynet Cipta Teknologi.

Lokasi yang lainnya bisa di cari di Person Vue. Kemarin itu gue liat di malang ajah bisa bikin test nya ^^.

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